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In ED cases, permanent results can be obtained with eswt in appropriate cases. Modus ed-swt may be the preferred choice given both its efficiency and ease of use.

Doç. Dr. İsmail NALBANT
Lokman Hekim Etlik Hastanesi / Ankara / Turkey
+90 542 660 14 60

I was not so satisfied with the devices I used to treat erectile dysfunction. Modus ED SWT is more effective, easy to use and practical than other devices.

Özel Hatem Hastanesi / Gaziantep / Turkey
+90 506 581 26 27

Modus ED SWT, as unlike other devices, has adjustable electro-frequencies, so the number of shocks can be individually adjusted. Thus, treatment gives more effective results in a short time.

Malatya Özel Divan Hastanesi / Malatya / Turkey
+90 532 476 80 66

With Modus ED SWT, maximum efficiency is obtained even from the lowest rhythms of the shockwaves, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

Medical Park Trabzon Yıldızlı Hastanesi / Trabzon / Turkey
+90 505 741 57 67

Modus ED SWT is an easy and effective treatment method.

Doç. Dr. Mehmet İNCİ
Özel Mersin Ortadoğu Hastanesi / Mersin / Turkey
+90 542 311 11 31

Modus ED SWT Therapy gives much more effective results in a short time.

Dr. Ahmet KÖSE
Özel ACK Ürotaş Üroloji Merkezi / Bursa / Turkey
+90 539 960 59 83

Modus ED SWT Treatment provides a permanent treatment by completely removing the occlusions in the vessels and accelerating the formation of new vessels.

Dr. Akın AVCI
Özel Denipol Hastanesi / Denizli / Turkey
+90 505 274 17 01

Device's Ease of usage is a big advantage.

Doç. Dr. Çetin Yeşilli
Özel Cihan Hastanesi / Kocaeli / Turkey
+90 532 742 02 54

Modus ED-SWT offers a successful treatment

Doç. Dr. Mehmet Bilgehan Yüksel
Özel 100. Yıl Hastanesi / Ankara / Turkey
+90 542 800 70 90

Patient’s feedback are positive with Modus ED SWT.

Dr. Halim Bozoklu
Özel System Hospital / Kayseri / Turkey
+90 532 264 12 46

The technology of the device is one step ahead of the others

Dr. Mehmet Ardıç
Özel Büyükşehir Hastanesi / Konya / Turkey
+90 535 878 67 01

The treatment effect on the patient is simply awesome

Dr. Kubilay Yüzüncü
Özel Atasam Hastanesi / Samsun / Turkey
+90 533 602 47 08

Fast results are obtained in 6 sessions with Modus ED SWT.

Dr. Yusuf Çapar
Özel Akademi Hastanesi / Hatay / Turkey
+90 505 484 84 11

Modus ED SWT is a device that is comfortable to use for both us physicians and patients.

Dr. Sadullah Özdemir
Dr. Işıl Özdemir Kliniği / Mersin / Turkey
+90 555 396 44 86

As Modus ED SWT Treatment has no side effects, we use it comfortably and safely.

Ümit Kula
Özel Gaziosmanpaşa Kadın Sağlığı Tıp Merkezi / İstanbul / Turkey
+90 530 893 66 81

The feedback we acheived from patients treated with Modus ED SWT is too positive.

Dr. Emin Sarıoğlu
Özel Algomed Hastanesi / Adana / Turkey
+90 533 717 16 45

Modus ED SWT provides a reliable and permanent treatment in Shock Wave Therapy. It is also an advantage that the device is comfortable and practical to use.

Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk Karataş
Ankara / Turkey
+90 533 725 62 80

Modus ED SWT offers effective solutions for the hardening problem.

Dr. Tevfik Sarıkaya
Antalya Özel OFM Hastanesi / Antalya / Turkey
+90 505 799 29 97

Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition that affects sexual life in men. Individuals can be treated in a short time by consulting a specialist doctor, instead of waiting for this problem to go away on their own. Hardening treatment with Modus ED SWT is a successful and permanent treatment with the latest technology in the field of erectile dysfunction, with no side effects.

Dr. Cem Özlük
Dr. Cem Özlük Muayenehanesi / Alanya / Turkey
+90 535 463 53 33

Modus ED SWT is a device with high patient satisfaction

Prof. Dr. Sinan Ekici
+90 553 034 22 05

I am pleased to use the device with high patient satisfaction due to its ease of application in different power levels , and which I can easily serve without technical support problems.

Prof. Dr. Leon Saporta
Vital Fulya Plaza / İstanbul / Turkey
+90 532 211 69 73

Our Urology Clinic equipped with Modus ED SWT. Focus feature of the device increased the treatment success ratio. After 6 session almost all my patients get good results. We are lucky to get Modus ED SWT.

Dr. Mobile Kampanga
Democratic Republic of the Congo
+243 819 916 746

With Modus ED SWT Treatment, Up to 80% improvement is observed in patients who have erectile dysfunction problem.

Dr. Mehmet Yarış
Özel Genesis Hospital / Diyarbakır / Turkey
+90 505 776 07 36

My patients and me are very pleased with Modus ED SWT, which I decided due to the treatment result among other devices I tried in patients with Erectile Dysfunction problem.

Dr. Göksel Arslan
Özel Lifemed Tıp Merkezi / İstanbul / Turkey
+90 505 560 88 80

In treatment with focused shock waves of Modus ED SWT, pathological factors are completely eliminated, and a great improvement is observed even in severe patients.

Dr. Gökmen Deniz
Özel Mavi Deniz Tıp Merkezi / İzmir / Turkey
+90 505 562 55 09

We have got good results from Modus ED SWT, Our patients too satisfied from the obtained result. I could not imagine the success ration.

Dr. Martin Jonathan
+61 448 036 101

I'm using both ESWT models (Radial and Focussed)in my Clinic. I have got good result over my patients. The Success rate is high in ED treatment.

Dr. Francesco De Luca
+39 328 479 84 77

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