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The Modus ED SWT, which I have been using for a long time, is a very effective and safe device in the treatment of erectile dysfunction as well as peyronie's disease. Thank you for your solution-oriented, visionary and sincere support.

Prof. Dr. Levent Peşkircioğlu
Maidan İş ve Yaşam Merkezi / Çankaya / Ankara / Turkey
+90 532 241 38 26

It is a highly effective and safe device. We receive extremely positive and good feedback from our patients.

Doç. Dr. Berkan Reşorlu
Çukurambar / Çankaya / Ankara / Turkey
+90 533 689 72 68

In ED cases, permanent results can be obtained with eswt in appropriate cases. Modus ed-swt may be the preferred choice given both its efficiency and ease of use.

Doç. Dr. İsmail NALBANT
Lokman Hekim Etlik Hastanesi / Ankara / Turkey
+90 542 660 14 60

Modus ED SWT, as unlike other devices, has adjustable electro-frequencies, so the number of shocks can be individually adjusted. Thus, treatment gives more effective results in a short time.

Malatya Özel Divan Hastanesi / Malatya / Turkey
+90 532 476 80 66

Modus ED SWT is an easy and effective treatment method.

Doç. Dr. Mehmet İNCİ
Özel Mersin Ortadoğu Hastanesi / Mersin / Turkey
+90 542 311 11 31

Modus ED SWT Therapy gives much more effective results in a short time.

Dr. Ahmet KÖSE
Özel ACK Ürotaş Üroloji Merkezi / Bursa / Turkey
+90 539 960 59 83

Device's Ease of usage is a big advantage.

Doç. Dr. Çetin Yeşilli
Özel Cihan Hastanesi / Kocaeli / Turkey
+90 532 742 02 54

The technology of the device is one step ahead of the others

Dr. Mehmet Ardıç
Özel Büyükşehir Hastanesi / Konya / Turkey
+90 535 878 67 01

Fast results are obtained in 6 sessions with Modus ED SWT.

Dr. Yusuf Çapar
Özel Akademi Hastanesi / Hatay / Turkey
+90 505 484 84 11

Modus ED SWT provides a reliable and permanent treatment in Shock Wave Therapy. It is also an advantage that the device is comfortable and practical to use.

Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk Karataş
Ankara / Turkey
+90 533 725 62 80

Modus ED SWT offers effective solutions for the hardening problem.

Dr. Tevfik Sarıkaya
Özel Şelale Termessos Hastanesi / Antalya / Turkey
+90 531 396 55 36

Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition that affects sexual life in men. Individuals can be treated in a short time by consulting a specialist doctor, instead of waiting for this problem to go away on their own. Hardening treatment with Modus ED SWT is a successful and permanent treatment with the latest technology in the field of erectile dysfunction, with no side effects.

Dr. Cem Özlük
Dr. Cem Özlük Muayenehanesi / Alanya / Turkey
+90 535 463 53 33

Modus ED SWT is a device with high patient satisfaction

Prof. Dr. Sinan Ekici
+90 553 034 22 05

I am pleased to use the device with high patient satisfaction due to its ease of application in different power levels , and which I can easily serve without technical support problems.

Prof. Dr. Leon Saporta
Vital Fulya Plaza / İstanbul / Turkey
+90 532 211 69 73

Our Urology Clinic equipped with Modus ED SWT. Focus feature of the device increased the treatment success ratio. After 6 session almost all my patients get good results. We are lucky to get Modus ED SWT.

Dr. Mobile Kampanga
Democratic Republic of the Congo
+243 819 916 746

With Modus ED SWT Treatment, Up to 80% improvement is observed in patients who have erectile dysfunction problem.

Dr. Mehmet Yarış
Özel Genesis Hospital / Diyarbakır / Turkey
+90 505 776 07 36

In treatment with focused shock waves of Modus ED SWT, pathological factors are completely eliminated, and a great improvement is observed even in severe patients.

Dr. Musa Saraçoğlu
Özel Mavi Deniz Tıp Merkezi - Buca / İzmir / Turkey
+90 532 441 49 32

We have got good results from Modus ED SWT, Our patients too satisfied from the obtained result. I could not imagine the success ration.

Dr. Martin Jonathan
+61 448 036 101

I'm using both ESWT models (Radial and Focussed)in my Clinic. I have got good result over my patients. The Success rate is high in ED treatment.

Dr. Francesco De Luca
+39 328 479 84 77

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