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It activates the Stem Cells in the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Activation of vascular-forming stem cells stimulates the formation of new vessels (Neoendotelization and Angiogenesis). As a result of the increased blood supply to the penis with the formation of new vessels, the body’s natural erectile system returns to its normal state.

Each treatment session lasts approximately 20 minutes. Modus ED-SWT treatment is not a single session treatment. At least 6 sessions of treatment is required. 6-12 sessions are required for successful treatment of mild and moderate patients, 12-24 sessions are required for successful treatment of severe patients.

Modus ED-SWT provides a permanent solution by completely eliminating the pathological causes of the disease unlike other treatment methods.

It is effective in all vascular hardening problems. The patients with vascular stiffness problem accounts for approximately 70% of all patients and the largest group in this ratio is the patients with Diabetes and Coronary Vascular. In addition, Modus ED-SWT treatment is successful before and after prostate surgery.

Modus ED-SWT treatment success rate in mild and moderate patients with 6-12 sessions is over 80%, and Modus ED-SWT treatment success rate in severe patients with 12-24 sessions is over 60%.

Modus ED-SWT treatment Shows a frequent status in patients with an increase in penis thickness of 5mm or more. This is due to the formation of new vessels.

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