The prostate is an important secretion gland found in every male and in young-adult males up to 18-20 grams. Prostate disease is a disorder frequently encountered by adult males, which affects the patient’s sexual and daily life significantly.

Prostate disease, which is observed in middle ages, usually occurs in three ways.

  1. Prostate inflammation
  2. Prostate cancer
  3. Benign prostate enlargement

Importance of Prostate

The main duty of the prostate is to ensure that both the semen is formed to a large extent and to give vitality and activity to the sperms in the semen. A problem in the prostate gland affects the general health of the patient as well as sexual health.

Symptoms and Treatment of Prostate Disease

Prostate disease usually manifests itself as pain and burning during urination, need for frequent urination, frequent urination, blood in the urine, sexual reluctance and erection problem, and pain in the testes.

Drugs and surgical methods are generally used in the treatment of prostate disease, while in prostate cancer, radiotherapy and hormone treatments are used according to the severity of the disease.

Relationship Between Prostate and Erection

According to scientific researches, it has been observed that the factors causing prostate disease also cause erection problem. In addition, hormone therapies used in prostate cancer suppress the testosterone. After these drugs that suppress testosterone, the person may experience problems with sexual reluctance and erectile dysfunction. In addition, erectile nerves are usually removed in prostate cancer operations. Thus, the patient has a high rate of erection loss.

What is Shock Wave Therapy with Low Density?

Shock waves cause mechanical stress and micro-trauma when they are emitted to an anatomic section in the low density shock wave therapy. This mechanical stress and micro trauma lead to the occurrence of angiogenic factors. Thus it induces a series of biological reaction which allow the blood flows and triggering of the tissue neovascularization. Thus, shock waves, increased blood flow to the penis and the formation of new vessels, the erection problems of the penis is eliminated.

How is ED SWT applied?

ED SWT therapy is applied to various parts of the penis and the penis root. 300 shots are performed in each region in each session, with a total of 1.500 shock shots. Application is made to 5 different points of the penis.

The therapy lasts 6 sessions. According to the severity of the disorder, therapy can be completed in 3-10 sessions. Each session take approximately 20 minutes.

No drug, sedation or anesthesia is applied to the patient before the session. At the end of the session, the patient can resume his daily life.

What Are the Differences From Other Therapy Methods?

In the therapy of prostate disease, antibiotic drugs, surgical methods and radiotherapy (in prostate cancer) are usually used. These therapies can cause severe damage to the body and reduce the quality of life of the patient.

With the use of Modus ED SWT in the proximity of the prostate gland;

  • new vessel formation is provided,
  • blood supply is increased,
  • inflammation is prevented,
  • nerve impulses are affected, and pains, urinary problems and sexual problems are eliminated.

Modus ED SWT therapy with focused shock waves completely eliminates these pathological factors and healing is observed completely even in severely ill patients.

In addition, because Modus ED SWT is a non-invasive therapy method, the patient is not treated surgically. After about 20 minutes of sessions, the patient resumes his/her daily life.

Side Effects

Any kind of preparation such as sedation are not needed before the therapy. There are not any kind of pain, sting, swelling, empurpling, burning or irritation during or after the process by no means.

Prof. Dr. Levent Peşkircioğlu Modus ED SWT Erection Therapy Application Video


  • There are no drugs or prothesis used in the therapy. This therapy method is completely non-invasive.
  • Patient may keep his daily life after the process.
  • There’s no need to use anaesthesia or sedation during or after the process.
  • The heavy destruction caused by hormone therapy and surgery in the body is not seen in Modus ED SWT therapy.
  • The lost erection after the surgery and hormone therapy is recovered.
  • The therapy success of ED SWT is above %80. The success rate for the patients who are not even responding to drug therapy is above 60%.
  • The patients do not need the drug therapies they previously used after the ED SWT therapy.
  • There are not any side effects whatsoever.



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