What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction, also known as impotence among the public, is defined as the failure of the penis to reach the hardness needed for sexual intercourse or the failure of maintaining the hardness. Erection occurs by charging of two cylindrical shaped islets full of blood vessels named as corpus cavernosum. Every kind of physical disturbance which prevents this charging causes failure of the erection of the penis or failure to maintain the hardness.

What Is Shock Wave Treatment? What Does It Work?

Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is a treatment method that is applied by focusing the pressure waves generated outside the body to the desired part of the body by using a steel-head applicator. Inside the ESWT device , sound waves are produced at a power of about 10 times the ultrasound waves. These waves are treated by means of a special applicator at the points where they are touched. Shock wave therapy is a special treatment that reaches the diseased areas and stimulates the body's natural healing process. The result is faster recovery, less pain, swelling and inflammation. With ESWT, permanent improvement is achieved in the treated area. Since ESWT treatment uses the body's own healing mechanisms, the chance of recurrence is low once the disease recovers.

This treatment method, which has been used to crush kidney stones since 1970s, has been used safely in the treatment of painful conditions of musculoskeletal system such as in pain of heel, elbow and shoulder pathologies, and trigger spasms resistant to other therapies.

Therapy Centers

In Turkey and in many cities around the world, you can reach health institutions using Modus ED-SWT.

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Features of Modus ED-SWT

Increases the formation of angiogenesis (New vessel formation)

Improves the hemodynamics of Corpus Cavernosum (Hardening easiness)

Penis thickness increases due to new vessel formation

Access to permanent treatment

Why Modus ED-SWT?

Erektil disfonksiyon hastalarında 4 yıldır denediğim cihazlar arasında tedavi sonucu nedeni ile karar kıldığım Modus-eswt den hastalarım ve ben çok memnunuz.

Dr. Ruşen AYDIN
İzmir Üroloji Merkezi

In ED cases, permanent results can be obtained with eswt in appropriate cases. Modus ed-swt may be the preferred choice given both its efficiency and ease of use.

Assoc. Dr. İsmail NALBANT
Ankara Lokman Hekim Etlik Hastanesi

I was not so satisfied with the devices I used to treat erectile dysfunction. Modus ED SWT is more effective, easy to use and practical than other devices.

Gaziantep Özel Amerikan Hastanesi

Modus ED SWT, as unlike other devices, has adjustable electro-frequencies, so the number of shocks can be individually adjusted. Thus, treatment gives more effective results in a short time.

Özel Melid Park Hospital / Malatya

With Modus ED SWT, maximum efficiency is obtained even from the lowest rhythms of the shockwaves, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment.

Medical Park Trabzon Yıldızlı Hospital

Modus ED SWT is an easy and effective treatment method.

Assoc. Dr. Mehmet İNCİ
Özel Mersin Ortadoğu Hospital

The treatment of Modus ED-SWT with focused shock waves eliminates the pathological factors completely and shows a significant improvement even in severe patients.

Dr. İ. Kıvanç CAVILDAK
Özel Samsun Liman Hospital

I have stopped using other devices since I started using Modus ED SWT. The effectiveness and technology of the Modus ED SWT is too superior comparing with other devices.

Dr. Bülent MESTÇİ
Özel İnter Tıp Merkezi / Bodrum

Modus ED SWT Therapy gives much more effective results in a short time.

Dr. Ahmet KÖSE
Özel ACK Ürotaş Üroloji Merkezi / Bursa

Modus ED SWT Treatment provides a permanent treatment by completely removing the occlusions in the vessels and accelerating the formation of new vessels.

Dr. Akın AVCI
Özel Denipol Hospital / Denizli

The Latest Technology

Shock waves cause mechanical stress and micro-trauma when they are emitted to an anatomic section in the low density shock therapy with Modus ED-SWT. This mechanical stress and micro-trauma induces a series of biological reaction which allow the blood flows and triggering of the tissue neovascularization. With the formation of new blood vessels, erectile dysfunctions and deformities of the penis are treated permanently.


Modus ED-SWT technology has been developed with the national resources as a result of many years of R&D activities. Thus, it is an economic product besides its superior technology.

Due to its wide distribution network and reasonable price, it has been started to be used by many doctors and health institutions in our country and the world in a short time. Thus, health centers using Modus ED-SWT for patients have become more economical and attractive option.

100% Healing

All therapies with Modus ED-SWT are completely non-invasive. In other words, the patient never goes under the scalpel; drugs, prosthesis etc. are not used. It is not needed to be used before each sexual intercourse as with other therapy methods. The patient does not feel any pain or ache during or after the therapy.

The success rate of ED-SWT therapy is 80%. 60% of the severely ill patients who did not even respond to drug therapy had their health with ED-SWT technology. The patients do not need the drug therapies they previously used after the successful therapy.

Wide Application Area

Additional to Modus ED-SWT device‘s usage for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, impotence, pyronie and prostatitis; It is also used in orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, aesthetic beauty and veterinary medicine.

  • Treatment of bone fractures
  • Nonunion bone therapy
  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Myofascial trigger points
  • Calcified tendonitis of the shoulder
  • Radial and ulnar humeral epicondylitis
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Other disorders of tendon insertions
  • Activation of muscle and connective tissue
  • Acupuncture shock wave therapy

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How is ED-SWT applied?

Modus ED SWT Treatment is applied to various parts of the penis and the penis root. 300 shots are performed in each region in each session, with a total of 1.500 shock shots. Application is made to 5 different points of the penis.

The therapy lasts 6 sessions. According to the severity of the disorder, therapy can be completed in 3-10 sessions.

Each session take approximately 20 minutes. Any kind of preparation such as sedation are not needed before the therapy. There are not any kind of pain, sting, swelling, empurpling, burning or irritation during or after the process by no means. After the session, the patient can continue his daily activities.

More Details of Modus ED-SWT Treatment

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