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İNCELER MEDICAL LTD. It was established in 2010 in Ankara. It started its work by providing after-sales technical service and spare parts support to health institutions. Over time, it has reached the capacity to produce spare parts for many world-famous brands. Since 2012, it has started to project its own products. It launched Lithobox, its first product with a pneumatic lithotripter system, then Modus, which is a therapy system with shock waves from outside the body, offering focus or radial use in many physical therapy and orthopedic treatments, and Spark, a kidney stone breaking system with shock waves from outside the body. This market is expanding day by day with the cooperation of doctors who are experts in their fields.

The devices we produce are designed to combine high security, advanced technology, economic, ergonomic and aesthetic parameters. İnceler aims to continue its existence in the medical sector as an R&D company.


İnceler Medical has taken shock wave therapy and lithotripsy solutions to the center of its production and R&D activities. In this context, Modus ESWT brought a new breath to shock wave therapy technology with Modus EDSWT and Modus Cellulite; Spark has taken lithotripsy technology to the next level with ESWL and Lithobox. In addition, the installation, maintenance and repair processes of these devices and the production of accessories and spare parts are also carried out. Thus, you can save time and money by meeting all your needs in one place.

Quality and R&D

İnceler Medikal continues its R&D, maintenance-repair and technical support activities without slowing down with its expert staff. ESWT develops technologies that will be pioneers in the field of ESWL and EDSWT; It gives direction to the sector by putting it on existing technologies. The technologies we produce are unique in terms of software and hardware. The functions of the devices are constantly increased by constantly improving the produced software. Our products are top-notch in terms of usability and durability with their quality, durable, portable and stylish equipment.

Market Network

Since its establishment, İnceler Medikal has safely served hundreds of physiotherapy centers, beauty centers, universities, hospitals, veterinary clinics and rehabilitation centers both in Turkey and in the world. It has delivered Modus, Lithobox and Spark technology to dozens of countries from Asia to Europe, from America to Africa.


We are at your service all over the world with our extensive distributor network. You can send us an e-mail to find out if we have a distributor in your area.

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