What is Andropause?

andropoz tedavisi

Andropause is the name given to the symptoms that occur with the decrease in testosterone levels in men with old age. Although it is sometimes considered to be equivalent to menopause in women, andropause is quite different from menopause. Although the exact age of andropause in men has not been determined in the literature, studies have shown that andropause symptoms may begin to appear with the decrease in testosterone hormone starting from the age of 40.

Andropause Symptoms in Men

Common symptoms of andropause can be listed as follows:

  • Reduction in morning erections,
  • Inability to achieve an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse or to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse (Erectile Dysfunction),
  • Decrease in sexual satisfaction, decrease in erection quality,
  • Irritability, fatigue, anxiety,
  • Depression, difficulty concentrating and making decisions
  • Increased fat in the abdomen,
  • Reduction in body hair,
  • Osteoporosis due to decreased bone mineral density,
  • Flushes, sweats,
  • Reduction in muscle mass and decreased strength,
  • Increased risk of high blood pressure and heart attack.

Age of Andropause in Men

A precise age cannot be expressed as the age of andropause in men. However, it is known that men begin to fall in male hormones from the age of 40, and this level decreases by an average of 10% until the age of 50. After the age of 50, studies have shown that there is an average of 1% decrease in testosterone hormone every year. However, in some cases, regardless of age, testosterone levels in men may decrease and andropause may occur independently of age. We can list these factors as follows;

  • Some chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure,
  • Obesity,
  • Genetic disorders,
  • Excessive alcohol consumption,
  • Stress,
  • Hormonal disorders,
  • Traumas in testis,
  • Illnesses (malnutrition) caused by the use of certain drugs and the deficient intake of some vitamins, minerals and proteins.

The average prolongation in the life span of people around the world also causes the problems related to andropause to become more frequent today. In a study, it was revealed that 52% of men between the ages of 40-70 in Turkey had a decrease in their sexual activity and interest in sexuality. However, it is thought that this number may be higher than this figure due to the low number of applications to hospitals for sexual disorders in Turkey.

Andropause Treatment

andropoz tedavisi

When applying to the hospital with complaints such as decreased sexual activity and decreased sexual interest, physicians primarily perform a physical examination and listen to the patient's condition. The important point here is that the patient should not be shy towards the physicians and be able to tell the situation correctly. It is seen that men who experience sexual discomfort in our country generally exhibit a shy attitude. After physicians listen to the patient and complete their physical examination, they request a blood test to measure the patient's testosterone level. After seeing the values in the blood test, if the problems experienced by the patient are due to low testosterone levels, they create a treatment plan according to the patient.

The main purpose of andropause treatments is to increase the patient's testosterone level. For this reason, methods such as drug treatments, bio-identical hormone treatments and ESWT Shock wave Therapy are used. However, there are other methods to increase testosterone levels, such as injections, pills, creams, gels containing synthetic male hormones.

Modus ED-SWT Therapy for Andropause

Modus ED-SWT treatment method was used for the first time in the 80s to reduce kidney stones, and today it is preferred in many different medical fields. Its properties are used in sexual dysfunctions, Erectile dysfunction, erection problems and many sexual disorders such as penile curvature. It is widely preferred by both doctors and patients, with no side effects and recovery rates. In ED SWT Shock Wave Therapy, it is aimed to send low-frequency sound waves to the penile region of men to provide vascularization in the region and thus to accelerate the blood flow to the penis.

Difference of Mouds ED-SWT Therapy From Other Methods

Since the drug treatment methods applied in the treatment of andropause are based on the synthetic testosterone method, they cannot replace the natural testosterone hormone produced by the body, therefore, short-term solutions are usually obtained from the treatments offered. However, ED-SWT is not a hormonal treatment method, and it is aimed to provide a solution to the patient's erection problem thanks to shock wave treatments given completely. Therefore, thanks to this treatment, patients have the opportunity to return to their normal sexual health. As this treatment method has no side effects, patients do not feel any pain during the treatment and can continue their normal lives.

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