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The issue of penis size has been debated for centuries. It is also an ambiguous topic, considering that discussion of this topic is taboo in most societies. While some people see having a large penis as a symbol of masculinity, others think that penis size is very important for women to have an orgasm. The fact that the subject is accepted as a private matter in the society also leads to a lot of misinformation and gossip about what the penis size of men should be. Looking at the historical information, it is seen that there are different approaches in different societies regarding penis size. The answer to the question of what should be the ideal penis size for men has changed from society to society and from period to period. For example, it is understood from Ancient Greek cities and ancient Roman artworks that small penises were more ideal for men and larger penises were considered funny. Today, it is seen that scientific studies on the sexual health of men are mostly in the direction of erectile dysfunction and studies on the effects of penis size are more limited. So, how important is men's penis size for women's satisfaction in sexual relations? Studies have revealed two different aspects of this problem. The first is the physical part and the second is the psychological part. In the scientific studies, it has been determined that the vagina is physically adapted to the penis size during sexual intercourse and therefore the penis length does not have a physiological effect during sexual intercourse. However, in studies in which people's perceptions on this subject were measured by questionnaires, it was revealed that men and women were of the opinion that penis size is important for sexual satisfaction.

Ideal Penis Size

In humans, penis sizes are larger and thicker than all living things in nature, according to their body proportions. However, studies show that men are generally not satisfied with their penis size. In a study, although most of the men stated that they were satisfied with their penis size, when asked what the ideal penis size should be during erection, they said larger numbers than their own penis size. As can be seen from this research, most of the men think that the penis size should be large and thick during sexual intercourse due to some misperceptions in the society. However, studies show that women have the same perception. Average penis size differs between societies. In a statement published by the World Health Organization, it was stated that penis size varies in different geographies, while the average in Africa is longer and wider than in other continents, it is shorter and thinner in Asia. In studies conducted in our country, the average length of an erect penis was calculated as 13.6. However, these measurement values ​​may also differ according to the measurement methods or the geography where the study is carried out.

Considering that the penis is short, the number of men who resort to doctors or different solutions is substantial. However, it should be noted that the majority of these men have normal penis sizes. For this reason, people who want to get penis enlargement treatment, thinking that their penis is small, need a professional guide first. It should be underlined that these guides can only be specialist urologists.

Causes of Penis Enlargement

Penis Kalınlaşması

Men may want to have penis enlargement for different reasons. However, it is understood that the majority of men who want to enlarge the penis are influenced by the trends in social media or pornographic content. However, thoughts such as being able to influence their partners and feeling sexually inadequate are among the reasons for wanting to increase the size of the penis. These thoughts about penis size in men can cause psychological problems from time to time. Anxiety, anxiety disorders, lack of self-confidence and weakening in social relations can be shown as examples of these psychological problems. Especially during adolescence, it is seen that men experience anxiety related to penis size. Although applications related to penile size to andrology outpatient clinics in men may be for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, the applications are mostly for cosmetic reasons. Today, although the penis size is normal, the number of men who feel inadequate has increased considerably. Studies have shown that between 1997 and 2010, men's anxiety about penile aesthetics increased by 88%. However, in 2010, a total of 750000 men made various attempts to lengthen the penis.

Penis Enlargement Methods

There are surgical and non-surgical methods for penis lengthening and thickening in men.

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargers

Among the non-surgical ways, some pills, herbal mixtures aim to lengthen the penis by accelerating the blood flow in the penis. However, there is no evidence yet that these non-surgical methods affect penile size scientifically. Today, however, the increase in men's demands for penis enlargement has led to the uncontrolled sale of many different drugs, the mixture, and its use by men. It should not be forgotten that the only medically proven method for penis enlargement is surgical methods. For this reason, men who have hesitations about penis size should definitely be examined by a specialist urologist before taking any action. In other cases, unfortunately, it may be possible to encounter undesirable results.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Among the penis enlargement procedures in men, the most permanent, fast and precise penis enlargement procedures are performed by penile enlargement surgery. Penile surgeries are frequently used in patients who have erectile dysfunction problems, especially due to diabetes and blood pressure diseases. There are different methods of penis enlargement with surgery. These methods are injecting oil into the penis, penile lengthening and both methods.

Penis Enlargement with Modus ED SWT Shock Wave Therapy

Along with surgical interventions, Modus ED SWT Shock Wave Therapy, in which patients who have experienced reduction in penis size due to reasons such as Peyronie's, penile curvature, and Erectile Dysfunction (ED), are treated recently, is also used for penis enlargement.

How to Apply Penis Enlargement with Shock Wave Therapy

In this method, thanks to the low-intensity shock waves applied to the penile region of the patient, the penile length can be returned to normal by providing vascularization in the region. This treatment does not have any side effects and the rate of obtaining positive results is quite high.

Penis Enlargement Duration with Shock Wave Therapy

Shock Wave therapy is applied in 15-20 minute sessions. Sessions are planned with at least 48 intervals and the total treatment period usually lasts 2-3 weeks. The results appear after about 1 month in patients who are treated with Modus ED SWT Shock Wave Therapy. Patients can continue their normal lives during the treatment and do not experience any pain during the treatment.

What Are the Side Effects of Penis Enlargement with Shock Wave Therapy?

To date, no side effects have been observed in Modus ED SWT Shock Wave Therapy. Therefore, it is a widely preferred method.

With Modus ED SWT Shock Wave Therapy, does the length of the sexual organ increase?

Modus ED SWT Shock Wave Therapy is a method that has no side effects and has a high solution rate if it is decided by physicians, such as surgical interventions, that it is suitable for patients. However, in order to determine these treatment methods, it is very important that the evaluation of the relationship to penile length is done by a specialist physician.

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