Prostatitis and Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy

The prostate, located just below the bladder, is located in the anterior part of the rectum and is an extremely important organ for the reproductive system. Prostatitis, also known as prostatitis, refers to inflammation in the prostate gland. This situation creates problems for men many times and causes a feeling of pain. It is a very simple problem to treat. Prostate inflammation usually occurs in more than one form. While some types of prostate problems can be overcome without treatment, some types require treatment. In prostate problems that require treatment, the inflammation is eliminated from the body in a short time with medication.

Prostatitis is a problem that occurs predominantly in men under the age of 50. In men over the age of 50, this situation stands out as an enlarged prostate. The last stage of this problem is prostate cancer. Depending on age, it takes its place among the main health problems experienced by almost every man.

What Are the Types of Prostatitis?

Prostatitis can basically be examined in four main groups. These four groups are chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis and acute bacterial prostatitis. Among these four classes, chronic pelvic pain syndrome is the most prominent.

Importance of Prostatitis

The prostate functions to secrete semen in the body. However, it is also very effective in gaining vitality and mobility for the sperm in the semen. When a problem occurs in the prostate gland in patients, this affects both the general health and sexual health of the patient negatively.

What are the Symptoms of Prostatitis Disease?

Prostate disease presents symptoms in various ways.

  • All kinds of pain that may occur in the penis and penis area, waist and hip area, pelvis,
  • Pain during urination,
  • Frequent urination problem,
  • Difficulty urinating,
  • Difficulty during ejaculation,
  • Pain in the areas between the legs, especially after long sitting,

Findings like these indicate prostatitis. In cases where these findings are experienced continuously, it is important to seek help from health centers for the treatment of prostatitis.

What is the Relationship Between Prostatitis and Erection?

As a result of scientific research, it has been concluded that prostatitis and erection problem may be caused by the same reason. Accordingly, inflammations that cause erectile dysfunction in the body can also lead to prostatitis. In other words, the fact that men with prostatitis problems will also experience erectile dysfunction. In addition, it is a well-known fact that the hormone treatments of the inflammation in prostate cancer affect the male hormone. As a result, a person who is treated for prostatitis may experience erection problems due to the effect of hormones. In surgeries for prostate cancer, erectile nerves are usually cleared from the area. As a result, serious problems occur in terms of erection in the patient.

What is Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy?

Low-intensity shock wave therapy is a method that aims to treat problem areas by giving low-level shock waves. When these waves are applied on the problematic area, they cause mechanical stress and micro-trauma. These two factors have an effect on blood flow and an increase in blood flow velocity occurs. As a result, positive improvements occur in the tissues and some biological reactions occur. In this way, the amount of blood coming to the penis with shock waves and the blood flow rate increase. As a result, blockages in the penis area are removed and the penis becomes healthy. As a result, the problem of erection in the penis disappears.

How is ED SWT Applied?

Modus ED SWT treatment is applied from the area called perineum (between eggs and anus) and over the skin. It does not require any intervention. After the procedure, patients continue their lives from where they left off. No anesthesia or hospitalization is required. At least 6-12 sessions are done twice a week. The treatment takes about 20 minutes.

What are the Differences from Other Methods?

The treatments that will generally be applied in problems such as prostatitis are drug treatments. Surgical interventions come into play when these treatments with antibiotic drugs do not produce results. The advanced stages of treatment cause serious damage and destruction in the body. Many organs in the body are adversely affected by this treatment due to the heavy weight of the drugs. As a result of this situation, a decrease in the patient's quality of life is observed.

In Modus ED SWT treatments, new blood vessels are formed in the body. In this case, an increase in blood flow is observed. Inflammation is inhibited and interaction is sent to nerve impulses. In this way, both urinary problems and sexual instability problems are eliminated for a long time.

Modus ED SWT treatments include fully focused treatment methods. In this way, no pathological effects are observed. Success is observed even in the most severe patients. However, ED SWT therapy is a non-invasive derivative therapy. Therefore, the patient does not encounter any surgical intervention. After the 20-minute sessions, patients can continue their normal lives.

What are the Side Effects of the ED SWT Method?

No preparation is required before this treatment. Before, during or after the application, there is no pain, swelling, pain, burning, bruising and irritation in the patients. For this reason, it is a very reliable application.

What are the Advantages of ED SWT Application?

  • The most important advantage of ED SWT applications is that products such as prostheses and drugs are not used in any way. Due to this feature, it is possible to continue daily life immediately after treatment. It is a completely non-invasive treatment method and can be applied at any time of the day.
  • No anesthesia is required after and during the procedure.
  • Many drug derivatives used in other treatment methods leave some effects and residues in the body. Since drugs are not used in ED SWT applications, there is no situation that will affect the hormones in the body and leave a residue.
  • The success rate in ED SWT applications is quite high compared to other applications. It is possible to talk about success rates of up to 80% from the applications made. In other applications, even in drug treatments, the success rate remains at a maximum of 60%.
  • ED SWT applications are permanent applications. Those who prefer this application do not have to use the drugs as long as they have to use it before after the treatment process.
  • The hormone balance in the body returns to normal within a period of 3-4 weeks immediately after the treatment. As a result of this situation, the body regains the ability to have an erection in a short time.
  • Unlike many treatment methods, patients do not experience side effects in ED SWT applications. Therefore, it is a very reliable application. If a reliable center is preferred, it is possible to get rid of problems in a short time and regain health.

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  • In treatment, drugs, prosthesis, etc. not used. This treatment method is completely non-invasive.
  • After the procedure, the patient continues his daily life.
  • It does not require the application of drugs such as anesthesia and sedatives during and after the procedure.
  • The severe damage caused by hormone therapy and surgery is not seen in Modus ED SWT treatment.
  • Recovering the lost erection after surgery and hormone therapy.
  • ED SWT treatment success is over 80%. In severe patients who do not even respond to drug therapy, the success rate exceeds 60%.
  • After ED SWT treatment, patients no longer need the drug treatments they used before.
  • No side effects.



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