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According to studies, one of the important sexual health problems experienced in men is erectile dysfunction. Although this problem, which is very common in male individuals, is seen in 7 out of every 10 men, it has been proven that the erection problem is directly related to age. Knowing all aspects of erectile dysfunction, which is very common for men, will be the first step towards solving the problem. In this respect, we wanted to collect all the unknowns about the erection problem, which is included in sexual dysfunctions, in this article.

What is Hardening Problem?

Penis Penile erection problem is the name given to the inability of the male sexual organ to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient to perform sexual intercourse. The male genitalia, which is a soft tissue under normal conditions, hardens with sexual stimulation and can thus become ready for sexual intercourse. If there is enough foreplay, but if the penis does not harden enough, sexual intercourse becomes impossible. This indicates that there is an erection problem.

Hardening problem or Erectile dysfunction, is a concept that refers to sexual arousal disorder in men. Erectile dysfunction is described in the medical literature as the failure of the vascular reflex mechanism that pumps enough blood to the cavernous sinuses to ensure the erection of the penis.

What Causes Hardening Problem?

Erectile dysfunction is a common phenomenon that may have many different causes, contrary to popular belief. Although this problem is generally thought of as a physical problem, it has actually been found to occur psychologically in many cases. It may occur due to anatomical, nervous system and hormonal conditions, but it has also been observed to occur in many situations such as being due to continuous drug use.

In men who have erectile dysfunction at a young age, the most important known factor is excess weight. Obesity, which is caused by unhealthy and excessive nutrition, causes the problem of poor performance in many men. Apart from this, heart medications and drugs that can change the hormonal balance are among the other factors that cause erection.

There are different reasons for the hardening problem, which 60% of men experience for a short time or permanently throughout their lives. We can examine these reasons under two main headings, physical and psychological.

Physical Reasons for Hardening Problem

  • Testesterone level
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Damage to the nerves as a result of operations in the pelvis area
  • Backbone injuries
  • Deficiency of thyroid hormones and excess of prolactin hormone
  • Medicine use
  • Substance abuse
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Anatomical disorders in the genitals

Psychologic Reasons for Hardening Problem

Due to embarrassment and hesitation, it has been determined that most of the men who have erectile dysfunction keep this disease secret, and worse, in most cases, individuals try to get rid of this problem with their own solutions.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that can happen to almost any man. It is possible to talk about many useful techniques during the treatment phase, since this discomfort, which occurs with concentration disorder, is experienced a lot. With our treatment that gives a definite solution, every man can easily get rid of the erection problem in a short time. The center and the physician to be preferred for treatment also have a large share in the positive outcome of the treatment. In case of getting support from a specialist physician, the problem disappears in a short time.

Anxiety problems;

  • Anxiety disorders related to the opposite sex
  • Anxiety disorders related to penis size or shape
  • Insecurity
  • Social pressures
  • Sexual taboos
  • Lack of sexual knowledge
  • Partner incompatibility

Hardening Problem Symptoms

Sertleşme Sorunu

The symptom of erectile dysfunction in men is observed in two ways;

  1. Complete Erectile Dysfunction: The problem of not getting an erection, in which there is no erection in any case and with any partner.
  2. Conditional Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile Dysfunction in certain situations or with some sexual partners

Factors That Cause Hardening Problem

It is known that there are many causes of erectile dysfunction in men.

The main ones are as follows;

  • Age
  • Atherosclerosis (cholesterol in the inner wall of the arteries)
  • Depression, stress
  • Dyslipidemia (Metabolism problems)
  • Pelvic, perineal, penile surgery
  • Neurological diseases
  • Endocrinopathy (disorder of endocrine glands)
  • Drugs used (nitrate, alpha-blocker)
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic kidney ailments
  • Hepatic insufficiency
  • Alzheimer's
  • Smoking, alcohol, drug use
  • Professional pressure and negativities
  • Lumbar hernia or spinal cord injury

Foods and Drinks That Cause Hardening Problem

In today's rapidly changing world, eating habits are also changing. However, the human body cannot adapt to changing eating habits in the same way. Consumed foods have many positive and negative effects on the health system of individuals.

According to studies, it is seen that especially ready-made and packaged foods reduce sexual desire. However, carbonated drinks, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are foods and beverages that cause erectile dysfunction in men. These foods are among the reasons that cause shrinkage during sexual intercourse.

What Foods Are Good For Hardening Problem?

If you have erectile dysfunction, your priority should be to seek medical help. In addition, some foods and beverages can be counted among the foods that are good for erectile dysfunction in men. However, consult your doctor about the additional nutrients you will be taking.

Foods Good for Hardening

  • Oyster
  • Cinnamon and Ginger
  • Oat
  • Vegetable oils
  • Dark Chocolate

Plants Good for Hardening

  • Hot peper, tomato, carrot
  • Watermelon
  • Walnut
  • Broad beans
  • Avocado, strawberry, apple, blueberry, grape
  • Wild Mallow
  • Anise

What to Do for Hardening Problem?

If you have often started to experience penile erection problem, that is, impotence, it is time to take precautions. The first thing you should do to solve the erection problem is to go to a health institution and talk to a urologist. The urologist will determine whether the problem is physical or psychological with various test and examination techniques and will make a referral accordingly. Penile erection is a problem and early diagnosis is very important for this problem. You can contact us immediately to determine the most suitable treatment for you.

How is Hardening Problem Diagnosed?

  • First, the patient is physically examined.
  • Reflex control is done
  • Blood is drawn and hormone tests are done
  • In some patients, advanced neurological examinations may also be performed.
  • Tests for vascular problems are done
  • With penis enlargement needles, it is checked whether the vessels are dilated or not.
  • Blood pressure in the penis is measured
  • Ultrasound is checked to see if blood is retained in the penis.

What Should Be Done to Ensure Hardening?

Things that can be done to eliminate the erection problem in men and to ensure erection are as follows:

  • Surgical prostheses and penile implant applications
  • Injecting vasoactive drugs into the penis (intracorporal)
  • Clamping with clamping ring and vacuum pump
  • Medication
  • Surgical interventions to correct blood flow insufficiency or venous leakage
  • Sex Therapy

What is ESWT? ESWT (Shock) Treatment for Hardening Problem

Although the techniques applied in the erection problem are different, shock wave therapies are known to be an extremely effective treatment method. While this problem can be resolved with simple sessions in psychological problems, it is possible for the individual to regain his health in a short time with shock wave treatments in the later stages.

ESWT therapy is the name given to a treatment method that provides tissue repair and cell growth. ESWT, which is a permanent treatment for erection problems, is a shock wave therapy with almost no side effects and a long-term effect on erectile dysfunction in men. In fact, ESWT treatment can be called the best medicine for erection. It is very difficult to find a natural solution to permanent hardening. Medicines also offer a very temporary and limited treatment opportunity in this regard. In this sense, ESWT is a very effective method for solving the problem of non-hardening.

What is ESWT Device?

The ESWT device, which has a sound wave that is approximately 10 times the ultrasound waves and has an applicator, is the name given to the device that provides healing where the applicator touches. The ESWT device, which is also used in musculoskeletal disorders apart from the erection problem, is a safe treatment method. It offers a permanent solution for those who have penile erection problems.

Effect of Shock Wave Therapy on Hardening Problem

The filling of the porous tissues in the penis with blood is the main factor that ensures the hardening of the penis. If there is no healthy blood flow, there is a problem of erectile dysfunction in the penis. This blood flow is through the arteries. Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) repairs the arteries, increases blood flow and permanently solves the erection problem. ESWT creates micro-traumas, ensures the secretion of some substances from the cells and helps to form new vessels.

How Long Does Shock Wave Therapy Take?

Shock wave therapy, which is effective in the first-line treatment of erectile dysfunction, takes 2-3 weeks. This period is planned as 6 sessions per week lasting an average of 15 minutes. If needed, the 2nd period can also be done.

ESWT Hardening Treatment Prices

Eswt erection treatment is a very affordable treatment method when compared to other treatment methods. Considering the persistence of the results obtained with drug therapy and the side effects of drugs, ESWT is considered an affordable erection treatment. There are different factors that determine the cost of erectile dysfunction treatment. Contact us for information about all these and for ESWT treatment prices for penile erection problem.

Modus ED Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Modus ED therapy is the name given to the treatment of erectile dysfunction with Modus ED, a device that works with low-intensity sound waves such as ultrasound waves and is developed to increase blood flow to the penis. Aiming a permanent solution for the erection problem, Modus ED treatment aims to achieve this goal by improving the vascular network. Modus ED treatment, which is a painless and side-effect treatment method, is applied as 6 sessions or 12 sessions.

Who can have Modus ED treatment?

  • People who have erection problems caused by cardiovascular disease
  • Those who have erectile dysfunction caused by hypertension
  • Those who are facing penis erection problem because of diabetes
  • Those who cannot get an erection after prostate surgery
  • Parkinson's-induced erectile dysfunction
  • Other Penis erection problems (except erection problems due to hormone problems and erectile problems caused by psychological reasons)

Modus ED treatment is at the forefront of the treatment methods impotence, especially in diabetic men.

Modus ED Treatment Prices for Erectile Dysfunction

How much are Modus ED treatment fees, which is a question asked in the continuation of the question What should be done for penile hardening?? The question actually depends on the nature of the treatment you will receive and the number of sessions. You can get the most accurate information for Modus ED treatment fees by contacting us.

Hardening or not hardening is a problem. And the earlier it is treated, the more important it is for you and your partner. Remember that a healthy relationship is born from a healthy sexual relationship. If you are asking What can I do for penile hardening?, you are at the right place. Thanks to the treatment methods we offer The definitive solution to hardening, you will now be able to sail to happier days.

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