What is Impotence Causes and Treatment

İmpotans nedir

In our rapidly changing world, individual habits are also changing. Changing life conditions, stress in the business world and daily life, and fast food habits greatly affect human health. As a result of this great change in daily life, it affects the sexual life of individuals negatively. The problem of impotence seen in male individuals is a sexual health problem that can be treated.

Today, one of the most important sexual dysfunctions, impotence, is a health problem seen in a large proportion of men. Sexual dysfunction is a health problem that can be treated. In this article, we wanted to focus on unknowns about impotence for a better sexual life, and therefore a quality life.

What is Impotance?

Impotence is the condition of not getting enough penis erection for sexual intercourse or not being able to maintain the hardness due to physical and psychological reasons. impotance, one of the important sexual health problems, has an effect that reduces the quality of life of individuals. Impotence, which can also manifest itself as a need for excessive stimulation, may be due to the collection of blood that causes stiffness in the venous vessels.

Age Range Impotence Rate (%)
30 - 40 26 - 35
40 - 50 40 - 52
Over 50 49 - 72

What are Impotence Symptoms?

İmpotans belirtileriAlthough it can be easily understood by men, it may take time to seek treatment due to various concerns. If you or your partner suffer from the following problems, you should start impotence treatment as soon as possible.

  • Impotence
  • Loss of libido
  • Premature ejaculation problems
  • Sexual reluctance

What are the Causes of Impotence?

Reasons of impotence can be listed as the reasons that prevent the erection of the penis and its maintenance. Some are psychological reasons, while others are impotence reasons of physical origin.

What is Psychogenic Impotence?

Anxiety is the name given to the impotence caused by psychological problems such as depression, sexual fears, obsessive compulsive personality disorders or past traumas. All these psychological reasons negatively affect the erection center and have a devastating effect. This prevents men from erecting the penis. Conditions such as lack of sexual knowledge, sexual myths, upbringing, traumatic sexual experiences, and oppressive family environment can also be included among the causes of psychogenic impotence. For psychogenic impotence treatment, these problems should be eliminated first and then erection treatment is required.

What is Organic Source Impotence?

The causes of impotence, the causes of which are physical ailments, are called impotence of organic origin. These, in turn, are named according to the type of physical ailment:

  1. What is neural (Neurogen origin) impotence?

    It is a type of impotence caused by neurological diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, tumors and trauma. In these patients, in addition to the problem of erection, the inability to maintain an erection is observed.

  2. What is Arteriogenic Impotence?

    High cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, radiation and perinal problems are the cause of impotence caused by narrowing the artery.

  3. What is Venous Impotence?

    It is impotence that occurs when venous veins collect blood due to reasons such as abnormal venous canal, tunical abnormality, functional loss of cavernosal tissue.

  4. What is hormonal impotence?

    It is the name used for impotence caused by sex hormone deficiency.

  5. Erectile tissue dysfunction

    It is a type of impotence resulting from changes in penile erectile tissue such as Peyronie's disease, trauma, diabetes, tumor spread.

Other Causes of Impotence

  • Old Age
  • Infarction
  • Dialysis
  • shortness of breath
  • Severe emphysema
  • Smoking, alcohol and drug use

Impotence Treatment

For impotence treatment, first of all, the source of the problem should be determined. impotence treatment should be done according to the identified source.

Today, drug therapy is less and less preferred because it causes many side effects and does not produce long-term permanent solutions for impotence. However, ESWT (shock wave) therapy is a permanent treatment method for the problem of impotence and has no side effects.

Eswt therapy for impotence

ESWT therapy, which offers long-term solutions for impotence treatment, is a form of treatment based on focusing shock waves obtained from high-pressure sound waves on the penis. ESWT, which is based on the logic of giving shock waves to support the formation of new vessels at different points of the penis, is a painless, definitive solution for impotence treatment. Thanks to the Eswt device, you can get rid of drug addiction and say goodbye to the problem of impotence.

The Effect of Shock Wave Therapy on Impotence

The Impotance problem is a problem with blood flow. The important thing in this problem caused by insufficient blood pumping to the penis is to ensure the formation of new vessels. Here is a method that creates new vessels in the area where shock wave therapy is applied. In this respect, Shock wave therapy is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction that has a positive effect on Impotence and achieves this in a short period of time, such as 6 sessions lasting 20 minutes.

Modus ED Treatment for Impotence

Modus ED therapy is the name given to shock wave therapy for new vessel formation and expansion of existing vessels. This method, which was previously used in the treatment of heart disease, is now frequently preferred for sexual performance problems. This method, which can be applied in polyclinic conditions, is a painless and painless method.

How is Modus ED Treatment for Impotence Done?

  • The probe is placed on different parts of the penis with the application head.
  • Shock wave shots are applied to 5 different areas of the penis. (right and left penis crus, 1/3 root part, 1/3 middle part and 1/3 tip part of the penis)
  • The application is also made to the part of the corpus cavernosum. In this way, blood circulation is tried to be accelerated.
  • And this continues for about 15-20 minutes.

ESWT Treatment Prices

The Eswt treatment fee varies according to the duration of the session and how long the problem has been going on. The Eswt treatment price can be determined after a preliminary examination. But in our clinics, affordable eswt treatment is applied by a professional team using the latest technology.

Modus ED Treatment Fee

Although the cost of Modus ED treatment varies according to the nature of the procedure and the number of sessions, you can contact us for the most affordable Modus ED treatment and you can get rid of the impotence problem by our physicians. Permanently as well.

This article we wrote on impotence was meant to show you that impotence is not a shameful and unsolvable problem. If you are trying to cope with this problem yourself, you should know that you are no longer alone. We are here to bid you farewell to your impotence problem with ESWT therapy and Modus ED therapy.

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